We have years of experience working on many projects, ranging from domestic properties to some of London’s most iconic buildings. Our aftercare, general service and responsiveness has allowed us to build strong relationships with our clients, and in doing so we have earned the trust of many of London’s major scaffold contractors in all areas of scaffolding.

Site Surveys

We conduct site surveys quickly and accurately. Through effective and professional communication with our clients we determine the requirements and constraints for a scaffolding project. With practicality at the forefront of our minds, we use our time on site valuably to ensure the design that we provide can be erected as intended and is fit for purpose.


Often in construction unforeseen obstacles can cause delays to projects. We offer our input at any phase of a scaffolding project, be it at tender stage ensuring that the project will continue smoothly and the scaffold will be suitable for use, or during a project when unanticipated amendments are required to allow the project to continue to schedule.

Design Drawings

Our designs communicate the required information with simple terminology and clear, concise drawings, enabling the scaffold to be erected safely and correctly. We provide each design with extensive detail of elemental areas of the proposed scaffolding to ensure that there is no ambiguity. Our design drawings also illustrate critical technical information to main contractors and other engineers to allow the proposed design to be accepted and the project to proceed swiftly.

Supporting Calculations

All our working designs are provided with supporting calculations. We utilise the calculation phase to optimise our designs, allowing us to reduce the amount of equipment required while still ensuring the scaffolding is fit for purpose and adheres to the relevant codes of practice.

Structural Analysis

Our technical knowledge and competency with advanced structural analysis software allows us to design complicated scaffolding structures, ensuring that each component and connection throughout the scaffold system can withstand the loads imposed.

Independent Checks

We double check all designs in-house as per the current UK legal standards but we also work with design agencies and consultancies to provide an independent checking service on more complex projects. We will work collaboratively with external partners to ensure that the design is returned quickly with the aim to have minimal impact on the project.